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Each part of our books are manufactured hands-on by our bindery workers and interns, not mass produced in a factory. As a part of regular set-up for production, parts of each book, such as covers, are made that are not up to our quality standards. These parts are in less-than-perfect condition since they are used to get the equipment ready for production.

Instead of placing these materials in the trash, we are pleased to make a complete "damaged" book with them. We call these books "damaged" or "scratch and dent" due to the imperfections of the cover, binding, or text block. However, these imperfections do not affect the readability of the stories.
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Scratch & Dent
The Chateau by the Lake Hardcover Book THUMBNAIL
Mystery and love combine to bring a captivating story in The Chateau by the Lake.
$30.00 $20.00

Damaged - Illustrated Trusty Takes On the Giant THUMBNAIL
Life is smooth sailing for Trusty. But suddenly...
$25.00 $13.20

Damaged - Illustrated Trusty Turns Green THUMBNAIL
Trusty just isn’t himself when...
$25.00 $13.20

Damaged - So Shall We Live THUMBNAIL
Edith’s lessons are like the ocean waves which steadily rise and fall...When a great dark wave washes over her, turning her life upside down...

Damaged Breaking Through and Other Stories for the Young THUMBNAIL
This little treasure of a book, Breaking Through and Other Stories for the Young, is a creative collection of stories and poems that teaches us about the power of God’s salvation.

Damaged Christie's Old Organ THUMBNAIL
This Book has the wrong cover

City Sparrows Book Cover THUMBNAIL
November 2019 New Release. Join Zetta and her brother Harry in a cold, drafty garret as they learn that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without God seeing. Follow burdened Margaret as she learns that suffering produces patience...
$19.00 $14.00

Damaged Escape From The Eagle's Nest THUMBNAIL
Abandoned and alone, Walter faces a moral dilemma that lands him in the midst of a ruthless, hostile land. Even though he saves the chief’s child from the mouth of a lion, he still faces certain death from his Islamic captors. . .

Damaged Fastened Like Nails THUMBNAIL
Fastened Like Nails will reach your soul. The first of three volumes, it will leave an indelible mark upon your life.

Damaged Fastened Like Nails Volume 2 THUMBNAIL
The second volume is here!!! May the words of history’s great men of faith...

Damaged Freedom in the Cave: A Story for the Young THUMBNAIL
A young boy named Blondel struggles to come to terms with his life...
$17.00 $10.00

Damaged Hidden Years Nazareth, The THUMBNAIL
New Release 2015! Where was Jesus between the ages of twelve and thirty? Morgan’s keen eye and discerning mind reveal not only Christ’s activities, but our responsibilities for daily life.

Damaged Illusion, The THUMBNAIL
Her love of praise has always motivated her to acts of kindness; to be admired for pious sacrifice brings great reward! But is this not vanity?
$20.00 $10.00

Damaged Illustrated the Beggar's  Blessing Illustrated THUMBNAIL
Damaged - The Beggars Blessing
$20.00 $10.00

Damaged Illustrated Trusty Faces His Fear THUMBNAIL
Trusty is ready and willing to help his Papá move a huge boulder that’s blocking the way.
$22.00 $13.20

Damaged Illustrated Trusty Makes a U-Turn THUMBNAIL
Trusty just isn’t himself when...
$25.00 $13.20

Damaged Jewel, The THUMBNAIL
Read no further if you are picking up this book for a bit of light reading.

Damaged Jill's Red Bag THUMBNAIL
By the same author as Teddy's Button!

Damaged Lamplighter, The THUMBNAIL
Poor little Gertie is out in the snow with a high fever and no one to care for her until the old lamplighter comes by to light the street lamps.

Damaged Little Lamb, The THUMBNAIL
$12.00 $10.00

Little Miss Moth THUMBNAIL
Adventures begin with Charlie and his raft, and their voyage is enhanced by their limitless imagination. Pirates and hidden treasure fill their day. But Faith’s treasure is found in her friendship with...

Damaged Little Preacher, The THUMBNAIL
Through these stories, this little preacher softens the most hardened hearts. If you believe that nothing is impossible with God, then this story is for you!

Damaged Little Sir Galahad (Soft Cover) THUMBNAIL
When the townspeople of Alverton look upon the little boy, they have adequate reason to call him "Poor David." But he is perhaps wealthier than all who look upon him. His wealth is in the golden light of his smile and the richness of his mind.
$12.00 $8.00

Damaged Never Too Late THUMBNAIL
This is a story about the clash of two worlds - the intense struggle that occurs both within and without. Will the poor widow give her consent to turn her child over to the care of another? Can a hardened woman, who has everything this world has to . . .

Damaged Orphan Queen, The THUMBNAIL
Who is this child? And who are her parents? Her demeanor suggests a royal heritage, but perhaps she is simply exercising pride and control of others. Meet Margelte . . .

Damaged Out of the Pit: Right of Redemption THUMBNAIL
“I’ll never give it up,” Stephen promises his dying father. Their hut in the hollow is all they have, but it belongs to them. The bright, sunny valley stands in stark contrast to the dark, grimy coal pits nearby . . .

Damaged Overtaken: The Wild Lad of London THUMBNAIL
Known as a wild lad, young Ishmael lives in Gold Lion Row, the rough section of London. He suffers great loss and finds himself alone and...

Giant Killer

Damaged Sir Knight of the Splendid Way THUMBNAIL
Damaged - Sir Knight of the Splendid Way - Cover Misprint
$25.00 $14.00

Damaged Snowdrop Story and Other Tales for the Young THUMBNAIL
These stories will help us to consider the needs of those around us and how we might brighten their lives with something as simple as a snowdrop.

Standing with Grace cover image THUMBNAIL
It is astonishing how much influence one person can have in raising or depressing the spirits of the whole company. Grace Avery’s consistent life of love and conviction has the effect...
$20.00 $14.00

Damaged Teddy's Button THUMBNAIL
Who is your most foul and cruel enemy? After reading Teddy’s Button, you may have a new answer to that question.

Damaged Titus: A Comrade of the Cross THUMBNAIL
The award-winning entry, Titus: A Comrade of the Cross, is provocative, full of suspense and drama.

Damaged: Dominic and the Mysterious Letter Case THUMBNAIL
This poignant story of a lonely, poverty-stricken boy demands that the reader consider matters of generosity, goodwill, and uncompromising honesty.
$20.00 $10.00

Damaged Jessica's First Prayer THUMBNAIL
Barefoot little Jessica lives in a home where no one knows about God. She looks forward to spending time once a week with Mr. Dan'el, a miserly old coffee peddler who eases his darkened conscience by giving her stale bread and coffee.

Damaged Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince THUMBNAIL
"I give orders, not take them. I am the Prince. I am the King's son!" But now Prince Hubert, who had always said and done too little, finds himself in an unfamiliar place where he is simply known as Hugh, a peasant boy.
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I would like to remind our readers that some of the original works have been edited to remove questionable or inappropriate language or content that does not reflect the character of a loving and just God. You can be confident that if you see our Lamplighter symbol on the spine, you can trust that it upholds a strong Christian worldview. If ever there is something of concern in one of our books, we welcome your comments. ~Mark Hamby