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Collection Bundles
Best For Young Boys & Girls Ages 6-11 2018  (13 titles)
Best for Young Boys and Girls ages 6-11 includes 13 titles. If you are looking for great savings, this premiere beginning collection is for you - a magnificent introduction to Lamplighter books!
$230.00 $199.00

Buried Treasure (26 Titles)
Buried Treasure Collection! Save over $70! Now only $399. Reg. $472
$472.00 $399.00

Choices & Consequences Set
This set includes all the titles listed below.18 in all. Save $49
$325.00 $276.00

Christie's Old Organ and Christie the King's Servant Set
Save $6 when you purchase both Christie's Old Organ and Christie, the King's Servant.
$38.00 $32.00

Courage Set
This set includes 13 titles about courage. Save $43
$285.00 $242.00

Heroes of the Faith Series
Heroes of Faith Series: The Shepherd of Bethlehem, Exiles in Babylon, Rescued from Egypt, and Triumph Over Midian.
$108.00 $92.00

Jessica's First Prayer & Rescue of Jessica's Mother Special
Save $5 when you purchase Jessica's First Prayer along with the sequel, Rescue of Jessica's Mother.
$22.00 $17.00

Laziness & Perseverance Set
This set includes all the titles listed below.18 in All
$338.00 $287.00

Obedience & Boundaries Set
This set includes 7 books about obedience and boundaries. Save $20
$133.00 $113.00

Peer Pressure Set
This set includes 14 titles about peer pressure. Save $42!
$276.00 $234.00

Pride & Willfulness Set
This set includes 9 titles about pride and willfulness. Save $30!
$196.00 $166.00

Salvation Set (18 titles)
This set includes 18 titles about salvation. Save $54!
$359.00 $305.00

SCHOLAR COLLECTION 2018 (7 titles)
This 7 vol set will offer you biblical insight and practical application for daily life.
$105.00 $89.00

Self-Control Set
This set includes 10 titles about self-control. Save $42!
$212.00 $180.00

Selflessness & Selfishness Set
This set includes 12 titles about selflessness and selfishness. Save $36!
$240.00 $204.00

Sibling Rivalry Set
This set includes 8 titles about sibling rivalries. Save $19!
$148.00 $125.00

Trusty Collection 2018
YOU'LL LOVE TRUSTY and share in his adventures of rhythm and rhyme. Honesty, obedience, kindness, and contentment are some of the traits Trusty learns about...
$157.00 $133.00

Virtue & Purity Set
This set includes 10 titles about virtue and purity. Save $38!
$248.00 $210.00

Best For Boys & Girls Ages 9-14 2018 (13 titles)
This collection will help youth make wise choices as they transition from early adolescence into young adulthood.
$240.00 $199.00

Best for Young Adults Ages 12-99 2018 (9 titles)
This rich collection of penetrating and thought provoking literature will engage and inspire your young adults.
$247.00 $199.00

Books of the Year 1996 - 2016
The Best of the Year 1996-2016 includes 31 of the best of Lamplighter books from each year!
$712.00 $605.00

Classic Collection 2018 (30 Titles)
The Classic Collection includes 30 stories written for teenage and adult readers. This selection includes our most inspiring and life-changing literature, with more extensive character development, plots, and themes.
$782.00 $665.00

Epic Collection 2017 (29 titles)
The Epic Collection includes 17 stories that span from ancient history through the Reformation. These captivating works are rich with biblical and historical insights.
$646.00 $549.00

Fireside Collection 2018 (42 titles)
This selection of 42 books includes stories that we have selected to be best for family reading, devotions, and bedtime stories.

New Releases 2016 (12 titles)
2017 New Release Collection! Save over $25! Now only $239. Reg. $264
$264.00 $239.00

New Releases 2017 (14 titles)
2017 New Release Collection! This set contains 14 titles released in 2017. Save $30! Reg. $290 - Now Only $260
$290.00 $260.00

The Fatherland Series
The Fatherland Series includes some of Lamplighter's most life-changing stories yet! Most of these stories are so rare that in many cases only one copy exists.
$192.00 $162.01

Illustrated Collection 2017 (15 titles)
The Illustrated Collection includes 15 creative and beautifully illustrated books for young, visual learners. Reinforce character building and stimulate imagination with our Illustrated Collection!
$328.00 $279.00

Legacy Collection I 2018 (193 books, 22 Audio Dramas)
The Legacy Collection I brings all 193 books (including 15 Illustrated) and 22 audio dramas together in one package! Includes Lamplighter Theatre, Illustrated, Fireside, Renaissance, Classic, Epic and Scholar Collections!
$4,545.00 $3,759.00

Legacy Collection II 2018 (193 titles)
The Legacy Collection II bring all 193 books together in one package! This includes Illustrated, Fireside, Renaissance, Classic, Epic, Collect and Scholar Collections!
$3,920.00 $3,299.00
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I would like to remind our readers that some of the original works have been edited to remove questionable or inappropriate language or content that does not reflect the character of a loving and just God. You can be confident that if you see our Lamplighter symbol on the spine, you can trust that it upholds a strong Christian worldview. If ever there is something of concern in one of our books, we welcome your comments. ~Mark Hamby