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Collection Bundles
Best For Young Boys & Girls Ages 6-11 2018  (13 titles)
Best for Young Boys and Girls ages 6-11 includes 13 titles. If you are looking for great savings, this premiere beginning collection is for you - a magnificent introduction to Lamplighter books!
$230.00 $199.00

Buried Treasure (26 Titles)
Buried Treasure Collection! Save over $70! Now only $399. Reg. $472
$472.00 $399.00

Choices & Consequences Set
This set includes all the titles listed below. 18 in all. Save $49
$325.00 $276.00

Christie's Old Organ and Christie the King's Servant Set
Save $6 when you purchase both Christie's Old Organ and Christie, the King's Servant.
$38.00 $32.00

Courage Set
This set includes 13 titles about courage. Save $43
$285.00 $242.00

Heroes of the Faith Series
Heroes of Faith Series: The Shepherd of Bethlehem, Exiles in Babylon, Rescued from Egypt, and Triumph Over Midian.
$108.00 $92.00

Illustrated Collection (15 titles)
The Illustrated Collection includes 15 creative and beautifully illustrated books for young, visual learners. Reinforce character building and stimulate imagination with our Illustrated Collection!
$328.00 $279.00

Jessica's First Prayer & Rescue of Jessica's Mother Special
Save $5 when you purchase Jessica's First Prayer along with the sequel, Rescue of Jessica's Mother.
$22.00 $17.00

Laziness & Perseverance Set
This set includes all the titles listed below.18 in All
$338.00 $287.00

Obedience & Boundaries Set
This set includes 7 books about obedience and boundaries. Save $20
$133.00 $113.00

Peer Pressure Set
This set includes 14 titles about peer pressure. Save $42!
$276.00 $234.00

Pride & Willfulness Set
This set includes 9 titles about pride and willfulness. Save $30!
$196.00 $166.00

Salvation Set (18 titles)
This set includes 18 titles about salvation. Save $54!
$359.00 $305.00

SCHOLAR COLLECTION 2018 (7 titles)
This 7 vol set will offer you biblical insight and practical application for daily life.
$105.00 $89.00

Self-Control Set
This set includes 10 titles about self-control. Save $42!
$212.00 $180.00

Selflessness & Selfishness Set
This set includes 12 titles about selflessness and selfishness. Save $36!
$240.00 $204.00

Sibling Rivalry Set
This set includes 8 titles about sibling rivalries. Save $19!
$148.00 $125.00

Trusty Collection 2018
YOU'LL LOVE TRUSTY and share in his adventures of rhythm and rhyme. Honesty, obedience, kindness, and contentment are some of the traits Trusty learns about...
$157.00 $133.00

Virtue & Purity Set
This set includes 10 titles about virtue and purity. Save $38!
$248.00 $210.00

Best For Boy & Girls Ages 9-14 2016 (14 titles)
This collection will help youth make wise choices as they transition from early adolescence into young adulthood.
$266.00 $199.00

Best For Boys & Girls Ages 9-14 2018 (13 titles)
This collection will help youth make wise choices as they transition from early adolescence into young adulthood.
$240.00 $199.00

Best for Young Adults Ages 12-99 2018 (9 titles)
This rich collection of penetrating and thought provoking literature will engage and inspire your young adults.
$247.00 $199.00

Books of the Year 1996 - 2016
The Best of the Year 1996-2016 includes 31 of the best of Lamplighter books from each year!
$712.00 $605.00

Classic Collection 2018 (30 Titles)
The Classic Collection includes 30 stories written for teenage and adult readers. This selection includes our most inspiring and life-changing literature, with more extensive character development, plots, and themes.
$782.00 $665.00

Epic Collection 2017 (29 titles)
The Epic Collection includes 17 stories that span from ancient history through the Reformation. These captivating works are rich with biblical and historical insights.
$646.00 $549.00

Fireside Collection 2018 (42 titles)
This selection of 42 books includes stories that we have selected to be best for family reading, devotions, and bedtime stories.

Legacy Collection I 2018 (193 books, 22 Audio Dramas)
The Legacy Collection I brings all 193 books (including 15 Illustrated) and 22 audio dramas together in one package! Includes Lamplighter Theatre, Illustrated, Fireside, Renaissance, Classic, Epic and Scholar Collections!
$4,545.00 $3,759.00

Legacy Collection II 2018 (193 titles)
The Legacy Collection II bring all 193 books together in one package! This includes Illustrated, Fireside, Renaissance, Classic, Epic, Collect and Scholar Collections!
$3,920.00 $3,299.00

New Releases 2016 (12 titles)
2017 New Release Collection! Save over $25! Now only $239. Reg. $264
$264.00 $239.00

New Releases 2017 (14 titles)
2017 New Release Collection! This set contains 14 titles released in 2017. Save $30! Reg. $290 - Now Only $260
$290.00 $260.00

The Fatherland Series
The Fatherland Series includes some of Lamplighter's most life-changing stories yet! Most of these stories are so rare that in many cases only one copy exists.
$192.00 $162.01
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I would like to remind our readers that some of the original works have been edited to remove questionable or inappropriate language or content that does not reflect the character of a loving and just God. You can be confident that if you see our Lamplighter symbol on the spine, you can trust that it upholds a strong Christian worldview. If ever there is something of concern in one of our books, we welcome your comments. ~Mark Hamby